Team Building

We will tailor make activities which would be very team-strategy focused which can include your company’s core values, etc. In this TeamBuilding program, we will put focus on the two main criteria, Communication and Teamwork.
Programme Focus            

The team building is based on building a sense of belonging. Individual team members need to trust each other, and become focused on achieving their shared goals.
Programme Structure

Our programme stresses on activities which require both mental work and physical strength – brains and brawns. Team work is emphasized.

These activities have been specially designed to re-emphasise the importance of working as a team, where each individual member has a vital role to play.  An effective team is able to synergise the individual strength of its member, and is then able to collectively produce excellent results.


  • Challenge, motivate and inspire
  • Encourage team achievement and cooperation
  • Improve communication and listening skills
  • Break down barriers
  • Emphasize problem-solving, strategizing, multi-tasking and goal setting
  • Re-energize work force and boost morale
  • Provide a temporary escape from the ordinary, every day tasks of life
  • Promote active learning by creating a stress-free, non-threatening environment for your employees.




Some of Our Hallmark Team Building Events


  • The Ericsson Survivor Challenge

This 2 day program was created to boost team spirit and challenge key personnel to better their best. Starting with a treasure hunt to Port Dickson with some tailor made tasks to perform, the second day was a gruelling test of stamina, mental strength and leadership. They survived!


  • The AMD Asia Pacific Conference

A unique teambuilding program that included sight-seeing elements was presented to this group of key personnel from the region meeting in Penang. The group was taken into an environment of history, local culture and flavour. Teams of 4 were required to search an old fort for clues, walk the streets of Little India and take in the scent of Chinatown before heading for a mystery finishing point. Exhausted at tasks end but bonded in spirit for the year ahead.


  • The Intel Re-sellers Conference

A get-together was organised for Intel and its business partners to come together and strategise. A drive hunt with teambuilding elements taking them all the way into PangkorIsland was held to foster that relationship for bigger success in their shared goals.     

  • The Kinetics Regional Conference

The event was to commemorate a successful 2004 for the company in the region.  Heads of countries were flown in for some exchange and encouragement while a fun event was designed for them to enjoy the historical city of Melaka and in the process having different individuals working together in a fun atmosphere. Lots of laughter and relationship building was achieved and a whole lot of regional support too.


  • The HSBC Operations Amazing Race

Also dubbed the 5 Sense Race, participants were challenge to solve clues, head for mystery task stations where any of the 5 sense were to be executed. Participation was very encouraging with well over 150 strong personnel taking part and learning to work together under challenging conditions, overcoming fear and even to empower team-mates to do the task.


  • The Johnson & Johnson SOL Games

which was held annually to foster teamwork, understanding of inter-departmental communication and leadership as the name of the event is called (Standard Of Leadership). The Games was held at the 3k Sports Complex in Subang Jaya with a host of outdoor challenges. They range from mind games, thinking-out-of-the-box challenges, building a ‘production line’ and some mild physical games.